It all started when…

We noticed that talented, successful, business owners needed proper social media representation from a fair, easy going, talented team such as ourselves.

We have researched and found the 78% of businesses and influencers have grown their clientele and followers through social media sites; e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. That's why we joined forces to help you grow your audience. Social media not only allows you to be accessible online, but it also enables you to engage with your consumers.

Whether it be your restaurant, art gallery, music career, retail store, private practice, or if you're aiming to influence the masses, we can help you!

At SayCheezePlz, we have mastered the world of social media by creating engaging and relevant content to promote your business. We use analytics, hashtags, boosting/Adspend on the most popular social media sites available, along with using effective tools to ensure your social media channels and/or website gets the most traction possible.


We found each other on social media sites, and of course, working for a few web-development companies. We knew we could help our community for half the price, and 10'xs the dedication. We care for our fellow entrepreneurs & want to help you promote your brand as much as possible! Remember; it all started with the phrase "SayCheezePlz!"